Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend adventure

Hello all,
Enjoying the blizzard??? We had a fairly peaceful day at home. This weekend was another story.

We went on a snowmobile trip to Pequot Lakes, MN which is near Brainerd. This is an annual vacation for us for about the last 5 or 6 years. We left late Thursday night and arrived at the motel around 11pm. We enjoyed their free breakfast of waffles, bagels, juice, coffee, cereal, etc early the next morning so the kids could get some swim time in before we left for the trail ride. In past years I measure the success of the trip based on the hours spent in the pool... and we did rather well this year with about 8 total between 3 days.

After swimming, however, Ben our snowmobile enthusiast (pretty cool, I spelled that right without spellcheck!) didn't feel right and was rolling around the floor all curled up like a ball. When asked if he wanted to skip the trail ride he proceeded to get his gear on while curled was quite a task. He was a good sport and drove his Skidoo from the motel to downtown Pequot and took a little cap nap in the little red and white cutter that Bethany and Josh rode in behind Paul's '66 Arctic Cat. He found his second wind and made the trail ride to the restaurant, just in time to take another rest on the floor laying on my coat. He found his 'third wind' and made it back to the motel and rested and watched cartoon for awhile, while we went swimming. He caught his forth wind and joined us pool side throwing a ball for Bethany and Josh. He finished the night feeling like he had to puke, but didn't and by 7:30 am on Saturday he woke me up stating, "I feel awesome!"

Saturday went well with a snowmobile show and races which Ben raced two and got a trophy for the youngest racer. More swimming for us and Paul and Ben went to the banquet where Ben got his trophy. Sat night around 3am, I awoke to Bethany puking which lasted for a good 2 hours. Luckily, Paul was able to sleep through the whole ordeal....

Sunday, Bethany was feeling a little better, but tired. Josh started getting sympathy pains and they both declined breakfast. We packed up and headed for home by about noon. About 20 min into the drive, Josh was complaining a bit more loudly about his tummy hurting so, I told Paul we had better find a bucket somewhere. Luckily, Paul found a sympathetic gas station employee who found us a large bucket and wished us luck and off we went. We took Josh's coat off to find him rather clammy, but he seemed content to watch the movie on the laptop. About an hour in to the drive....Bethany was the first to use the bucket....and eventually Josh did too. Not too pleasant of a trip. By Wahpeton, Ben was needing to go to the bathroom, but decided to wait til home. Off we went.

We arrived at home around 4:30, just in time to unload the pickup before we watched the Vikings game. (Yeah, yeah I know they lost) While we unloaded here comes my black lab, Lena, holding her hind leg up. Looks like she broke it, but with the icy roads decided to bring her in the house and take her to the vet in the morning (lets make that Tuesday morning)
Ben finally made it to the bathroom and shortly was yelling guessed it, a bucket.....

So the blizzard was a pleasant surprise seeing the kids weren't going to school anyway. Unfortunately, Lena had to wait to get to the vet (I'll post her update tomorrow)

On the bright side, Ben's fish tank went from 3 fish to about 20 when a black molly exploded with babies!!! They are way too cute. And tonight, Josh found an itty bitty little orange fish, so who knows how many fish will be in there in the morning.

No puking today and with 2 extra hours in the morning we should get to our destinations.

I hope you had a less eventful weekend than we did, although we did enjoy it.

More later with pictures...I can't find the picture card thingy again.

Thanks for stopping,

P.S. Fish for sale


  1. Where's the update on Lena? Did Paul just use duct tape?

  2. Well actually we did have to use duct tape when she tried to chew through her brace. Pics of the gimpy dog and cat to follow!!