Monday, March 15, 2010


My little 'baby' Joshy attended his first wrestling tournament a couple weeks ago in Valley City.
He got pinned so fast he looked at me and smiled and asked "Why did that kid win?"
I answered "Because you got on your back and didn't try to move". "Oh" was his simple answer. Needless to say his first 3 matches were pretty quick....
His last one, however, lasted the whole 3 periods and Josh rolled around with his opponent scoring point after point. His big brother Ben was offering his coaching advice mat-side, well maybe he was busy taking pictures. He loves being behind the camera.
The final score was 26-16.
When the match was over and Josh realized he had won he threw up his hands and jumped up and down giving me a big grin and 2 thumbs up while I was taping from the stands.
It was AWESOME!!!!!
He got his first ever trophy and is so proud of it.
As we left the gym I visited with some friends for a minute to find Josh showing the entire bottom row his trophy.
It was a VERY long day, but that made it worth it.
The big day made for a very sleepy Joshy on the way home.
Big brother Ben also had a successful day winning 2 of 4 matches. They were very tough matches and he worked his butt off. I would show off his trophy too, but he wouldn't let me get a picture without it in front of his face!!
I think I can get used to being a Wrestling Mom.


  1. WTG Josh & Ben! I can so see Josh showing his trophy off... silly boy.