Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas crafting

I got them to sit still for a minute Christmas morning for a quick picture.
Here are the teacher gifts Josh brought to school. Candy canes are one of his favorites. He was so proud of his gifts.
One item Dad got in his stocking was a bag of M&Ms which, when left unattended, Josh ate half.
When questioned....he simply threw his hands up, as if caught, admitting
It was hysterical!! He may look like Dad, but loves his chocolate like Mama.
These are some of Bethany's creations. She made several at my holiday workshop, but needed a few more. I think she had fun handing them out at school.
I left Ben and Bethany to work on their gift bags alone while I went to a Christmas Party with my stamping friends. They were asleep when I got home and had all their treat bags ready on the kitchen table. I was so proud of what they had created...more impressed that they did it together and lived to hand them out!

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